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How to create plane of Bounding Box

I’d like to know how to create plane of Bounding Box as picture below.
Is there any way to create plane in 3D Reviewer(Tetra4 D Reviewer)?

hum…not easy, as Tetra4D Reviewer doesn’t include a modeler kernel…here are some “tricks”:

In the Design Review area, you can create a Bounding box. Run the tool, select the part, click the mode for the creation (3 icons in the top) and the bounding box is created, oriented according the main CS. Close the Bounding box* tool.

Once done, same menu, run the Create Entities tool, and select Create Coordinate System. Generaly, I select the mode 2 Edges to create a CS on 2 axis, apply and close, then right click on the CS, to set it as the Main CS

Well, you don’t have a “real” plane, but a CS with an orientation, that could be used for section, for instance…


Dear jehronimo-san

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I understood about it.
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