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How to move view 90° accurately


If I need to turn an Object accurately I use the tools DOCUMENTATION > Drag & Drop or DOCUMENTATION > MOVE.
But be carefull if the Object has its own coordinate system which is different in direction than the Main Coordinate system, in that case select first the Main CS and with STRG the Object you want to rotate. The Drag & Drop tool shows then the directions of the Main CS. If you are using the Move tool it dosen´t matter as you select allways the direction of the Main CS.

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Dear Thomas_Z-san

Thank you for reply again.
I understood about it.
①It can’t rotate by view.
②it’s possible to move 90° the shape by “Move” or “Drag & Drop”.
Thanks a lot!!:blush:

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There might be another possibility by changing the orientation of the Main CS.
Press STRG-K (CTRL-K) The preferences Window opens.
Choos tab “Views Management”. Under “Standard Views” change choose the orientation you need (“OZ”, “OY” or “OZ”)
Press “Apply”
under Home > Views select the view e.g “left” and the view turns by 90° or 180° (depends on your selection)

Dear Thomas_Z san

Thank you for your kindly help.
It resolved.
Thanks a lot.

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