How to update Tetra4D Converter License

Tetra4D customers running Converter version 5.1 or newer can manager their licenses inside their customer portal. Here are instructions on how to manager your Tetra4D license. Users on an early version need to contact support.

Please visit the Tetra4D Customer Login page and login with the following credentials:

Login Email Address: xxxxxxx
Temporary Password: If you forgot it, please ask for a new one on the Customer Portal Login page.

Please update your temporary password after you have logged in. If you need a specific access, or if the current login is not up-to-date, please let us know.

License Keys
Once you have logged into the Tetra4D Customer Portal, open the link called “Available License Keys” to retrieve the license key for registering your software.

Downloads and Installation
If you have not already done so as part of the trial process, please download and install your software. Be sure to install Adobe Acrobat Pro prior to installing Tetra4D software. Downloads can be found via the “Product Downloads” link within your customer account.

After you have successfully installed the Tetra4D software, please follow the installation instructions on the Tetra4D Product Documentation page. You will need License Keys previously retrieved from the Tetra4D Customer Portal to complete the installation.

If you experience any issues with installation or activation of the product, please submit a support case via the “Contact Support” link in the Tetra4D Customer Portal or visit the Tetra4D Learning and Support page.

See you soon!
Tetra4D Community

Hi there,

Nice reminder, the Portal is also really useful to submit a case and track them!