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Converter populate template fields

The Tetra 4D converter comes with layout templates and I’m having a difficult time populating the title and clickable view fields. I’m converting CATIA Catparts to fully annotated 3D. When I convert those text boxes are not populated and I can only select one JavaScript at a time, apparently.

Can anybody please offer me some assistance on how to populate these fields quickly and accurately every time?

Anybody? Someone’s got to have an answer to this. Let me explain further; When I was using the 30-day free trial the converter populated the forms in the templates. The title, the views and attributes. Now it does not function. Any idea why?

Hi there,

We noticed a temporary issue with our last template versions, we are working to fix this.

Thank you for the reply and I’m sorry to hear that there’s some temporary issues with the templates.

Can you please give me an approximate date when this will be corrected? It’s very important to me and my team that we get an answer.


We are working to fix this issue, we are doing our best to provide you with a fix for our September Service Pack. But this is a target and we will attempt to reach it.