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Selective attributes on parts

Good day,
I’ve never used Tetra4D yet but our TechComm. team is using extensively.
All the 3D pdf’s they generate though contain a bit more data than engineering would like to share with customer. Therefore I’d like to find out if one could de/select which attributes to show/ not when exporting. Maybe we could create a PDF template to consistently call off for same attributes on all parts/ assemblies at all times.(?)

thank you and wish you lot of success in your work,

Hum… :wink:

A solution could be this one, with Tetra4D Enrich: manage you CAD attribute “separately” in a xml file, then import your CAD data with no attributes. Edit your xml file, remove the data you don’t want to share, then import this xml file (“Add 3D attibutes”) to match those attributes on your parts…I assume t would work :slight_smile:

Thank you jehronimo,

I shall try doing as you advice to check on output; I would like though a more systematic solution- I need to have this done on hundreds of files J.

Hi Carme,

I know Tetra4D manage an Automate solution, that should allow you to handle a part of this process automatically…Could it be a solution?