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TDP template generation

Hello Tetra4D Team,

I am trying to generate TDP (template) as a 3DPDF format. But, I have few questions as follow:

  1. Is it possible to generate more pages in TDP or only one page as masterpage?
  2. How it is possible to add buttons to navigate the 3D model in generated 3DPDF document?
  3. If I generate template for TDP with the help of CATIA then is it possible to replace 3D model of CATIA with NX model and use the same template.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks in advance.

With regards

Dear Sudhir,
1 Yes, It is possible to generate more pages
2 If you are using template of Tetra4D its already there or you can use this for your documents as well
3 Yes, it is possible
For more help you can contact us on ashish.satao@camtechsolutions.co.in, We are re-seller of Tetra4D Products in India.
Thank you