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Template BOM and Carousel not updating upon creation of new 3D pdf

I have trials for both Converter and Enrich. I’ve created a template PDF using Enrich which includes a 3D window, view carousel, and BOM. It looks great.

Within the Tetra4D Converter settings, under the “Document” tab I’ve set the template PDF field to use this template when a PDF is created from a STEP file.

If I right mouse button click on a STEP file and choose the “Convert to 3D PDF” using Converter, this template is in fact used, however neither the carousel nor the bom updates. I’m not sure what I’m missing!


The “usual” process would be this one:
Create your template with Tetra4D Enrich tools, based on a “dummy” 3D " (like what you can see in the Enrich Startup console), then use this template and use the Enrich feature “3D, Replace 3D” to get an update of the document, and like this your “final” doc.


Hi and thanks for your response! I did discover that but I was hoping it would be more automated. Is there a way to script the Replace action?

Sure, this is Tetra4D Automate :slight_smile: