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How to get a BOM (bill of material) in my PDF


I am looking for a way to insert a BOM (bill of material) into my PDF. I have seen some of these before. Do you have a solution that will let me insert a BOM?



To doing this, I am using Tetra4D Enrich…I can add Simple BOM or Hierarchical BOM.

Did you try it?


Hi jehronimo. Thanks for the response. I went to the Enrich page here https://tetra4d.com/tetra4d-enrich/ and see that I can get a free trial. Looks like it comes with Acrobat too, which I dont have.

I’ll stop by if I have any more questions. Now time to try creating a spare part catalog.

Hi @solocad ,

I hace just seen they add a Learning center with a lot of samples and videos on their website, and find this one:

Maybe it can help you :wink:

Hello, there is a way for you to add BOM list in 3D PDF.
You can export the XML file from 3D PDF, and that XML will includes the unique attribute of parts.
Then you can convert the XML into XLS, and you can expand the BOM LIst in this XLS
At last, you just copy and paste the XLS into 3D PDF ,and map the unique attributes with 3D parts.

You can get any BOM list which you expect in 3D PDF.

Please try it.