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Tetra4d in Acrobat DC

When I install Tetra4d in my 32bit windows the icon appears in acrobat tool and it works,
but installing Tetra4d in a 64bit windows, no icon appears in acrobat, can someone tell me
what the problem is.

That’s quite weird…Maybe the support is aware about this one…:thinking:

I have the same issue - I do not see the Tetra icon in the tools. I can see the Tetra4D Converter on the menu bar, I have access to the templates. I do not see the tetra in the tools though


Maybe you can use Tetra4D Reviewer for the moment…as this one doesn’t require the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro (it has to be installed on the same PC than Adobe Acrobat Pro + Tetra4D Converter, but it runs as a standalone program)…

Hi - Thank you for the answer. I am wondering what is the compatibility issue. The installation guide tells Tetra4D converter requires Adobe Pro DC. I buy it and after installation it turns out it is incompatible and I need something different. This sounds suspicious.

That’s weird, I have some colleagues who are still using Pro DC (I’m on Pro 2017) and they don’t have this kind of issue…

Hello everybody,
I have the same problem. I can not use my Tetra4D because it did not appear in the TOOLS.
Anybody has already solved this probleme? What about Tetra4D support. Could you help please?
Thank you in advance.


Tetra4D released its 2020 version and this issue should be adressed by this version…Did you try this one?