How to get a BOM (bill of material) in my PDF



I am looking for a way to insert a BOM (bill of material) into my PDF. I have seen some of these before. Do you have a solution that will let me insert a BOM?




To doing this, I am using Tetra4D Enrich…I can add Simple BOM or Hierarchical BOM.

Did you try it?



Hi jehronimo. Thanks for the response. I went to the Enrich page here and see that I can get a free trial. Looks like it comes with Acrobat too, which I dont have.

I’ll stop by if I have any more questions. Now time to try creating a spare part catalog.


Hi @solocad ,

I hace just seen they add a Learning center with a lot of samples and videos on their website, and find this one:

Maybe it can help you :wink: