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3D Scan data to PDF

Any research has been conducted to convert the 3D scan data to 3D PDF?
3D scanning is an evolving technology which uses different sources for data collection such as laser scanning, light scanning, CT scanning etc. The output are usually in STL format or the native software format.
The scan data is often used to create color coded comparison results with the CAD model.
A possibility of converting the color coded scan data (comparison result; part-to-part or part-to-CAD) to 3D PDF would ease the communication between customer and supplier by reducing the size of the files and simplification. The major software companies who provide 3D scan and metrology service are GOM, Polyworks, Volume graphics and Verysurf.

There has been a lot of interest around 3D PDF with the 3D scanning & 3D printing industry. Currently Tetra4D products support import/converting STL to 3D PDF. In addition, users can export to STL, or the latest 3MF format that was added last year.

I agree being able to convert the color coded scan data would be extremely valuable. I do not believe that STL has support for colors, just the geometry. We are continually looking into ways to better support the 3D PDF industry, so if you or anyone else has any suggestions, please let us know!