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CAD export error

I get an export error when I try to export a 3dpdf file to any CAD format. I have tried using with Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Pro XI (trials). I was able to export the sample files provided by Tetra4D and I was able to export to .prc format but I could not export from my 3D PDF file. I don’t know what software created the original PDF file but it was probably Solidworks 2016. The error message is an unenlightening “Tetra4D Converter error”.


This happens to me when I try to convert 3D data that come from an existing 3D PDF, generally there is no Geometry in my file, on Graphical info, that’s why I can’t export it to a CAD file. Is it the case for you? You can check the “native” system from “Files, Properties…” . In the “Description” tab, go to Advanced and you will have some information about the file origin…

Here is my PDF data;
Application: SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP3.0
PDF Producer:HOOPS Publish 8.0
PDF Version: 1.6(Acrobat 7.x)
Copy protection, etc., are all off.

Tetra4D Log file data:
PRC file reader.
Reading data from file : C:\Users\UserX\AppData\Local\Temp\A9RD25E.tmp.prc

---------- Reading phase --------------------------------------


This seems to indicate that even though Acrobat can load the model, Tetra4D can’t.

I’m not sure what you mean "“no Geometry in my (your) file”. I can see and rotate the object(s) and I can measure them. I can hide/show internal parts. As far as I know the data is stored as brep format which is simply a bunch of closed surfaces. In the worst case, I would be willing to accept surfaces but even exporting as surfaces gives me an error.


Hum, it looks strange, as it seems you have BRep in your file. Maybe the best solution is to send your file to their support, to let them check it, could be something “in the file” :wink:

I assumed that the Tetra4D support people would be monitoring this forum. I’ll try to contact them directly and do my best to remember to update here if I can resolve this.


Thank you for your post. Our support team has indeed been monitoring this conversation. Our development team is currently investigating this and we will be sure to provide an update to the forum here as soon as our analysis is complete.

Thanks again for sharing this with the community and we will provide an update as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Tetra4D Community Leader

I did get a message from the support team saying that they were able to duplicate the problem but haven’t heard anything back since.

Just letting you all know that there hasn’t been any updates (or communication) from Tetra4D since November regarding this issue. Not sure what is going on but I hope this is an unusual case and not the norm.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ticket reference for a deeper analysis of your situation. Like this, we will be able to provide you with an up-to-date status of your case.

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