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Automatically create default views

How can I automatically create default views like Top, Bottom, Front, ISO etc.?

Every time I create a new file (I usually do that out of CGR files) only the “Initial configuration” is created.
Is there any chance to more or less automatically add the default views when converting opening a file in Tetra4D Reviewer?

I did not find a button to import or export the views.
When I create a new file (to use it as a template) I’m not allowed to create any configurations unless I import something.
Even a naming of the views in Workspace -> Preferences -> Views Management -> Standard Views was not successful.

I remember the AcrobatPlugin did have an option to create the default views - but where is this option in Tetra4D Reviewer?

Tetra4D Reviewer “only” recovers the views that are in the file…maybe you can try to import first your file with Tetra4D Converter in Adobe Acrobat Pro, create Default views with this tool, then export the file to a PRC one…And read this one with Tetra4D Reviewer…