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Split STP File with Tetra4D Reviewer?

I have the trial version of Tetra4D Converter. I have a 3D PDF, so I cannot use the Tetra Reviewer option. When I export the CAD as a STP file it is 4GB in size and I cannot open it in Creo Parametric (it just freezes the program).

I already read through “How To Split a STP File - Sep '17” and found that I have empty geometry (only surfaces) - however this is exactly what I want to export.

Would it be worth the money to pay for Tetra4D Converter so I can get the Reviewer option & split / simplify the file? I’m only willing to spend the money if this will solve my problem. There isn’t a way to get a trial version of the Reviewer software is there?


Hi Wes,
I thought that the trial version is fully functional. Usually as I remember the 3Dreviewer is a separate installation you have to download and install.
You can edit 3D-PDFs with the 3D-Reviewer via the Adobe Acrobat Tool “Tetra 4D Converter”. There you have the option “Edit in the Tetra 4D Reviewer”.
I don´t know if the 3D reviewer installation package is included the trial version as I use already a licensed version. Perhaps Tetra 4D support can clarify that.
Best Regards

I think your issue is about the way you recover the file. My assumption is that you read your initial file with only Tessellation, and export it as a Step file. In such a case, the system will try to convert all the graphical triangles to surfaces, that’s why the file becomes so large and unusable with other CAD system.

Read the initial file with BRep option, then you will be able to export it as a STP file.

If the initial file is a 3D PDF, it may not contain any geometrical info. Nothing to do in such a case, it means the file was created with “only graphical” info to prevent its re-use :wink: