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Backface color in Pdf3D created with Tetra4D Converter

I have a textured mesh of a scanned object. I export it from Artec Studio in obj format. In that software, the backface is set to black. When i converted it with Tetra4D in a 3dpdf, the backface is displayed with color (reverse of the face). Is there an option to set it in black in Acrobat or Tetra4D?


Hum, not sure to understand, do you think you can post here a sample screenshot of the initial data and the result you got?


Okay, this is an image that explain the backface color problem:

i’m not sure how to transfert a picture… i’ll try again if it’s not working.


So the “result” in Adobe should be black? that’s weird, as it looks we recover the information as expected, but why not…
Please provide us with the OBJ file for a deeper analysis. You can submit the file to our Technical Support:
With Adobe or Tetra4D Converter, it would be difficult or impossible to change the color. Maybe we can try something with Tetra4D Reviewer…