Acrobat error on AutoCAD DXF import

The following message appears when importing AutoCAD DXF files.

This error is related to Acrobat not supporting this format anymore in both 64 bits and 32 bits recent versions.

But you can trick Acrobat by importing the file with the Insert 3D tool from Tetra4D Converter or Enrich.

Step by Step Solution

  1. Create a blank page in Acrobat Pro
  2. Open the Tetra4D Converter tool
  3. Use Insert 3D
  4. Select an area on the page where the 3D will be contained
  5. Select the DXF file
  6. Validate settings and import

Thank you,
Tetra4D Support Team

Thanks, it’s working now but all the models are black. The original colors didn’t followed.

Hello Yvon,

You may want to verify that the 3D scene is enlightened.

Tetra4D Support Team