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Error in Tetra 4D Reader Android App

I am attempting to open a 3D PDF that I created with Tetra4D Enrich in the Tetra4D Reader Application for Android. This 3D PDF works fine in adobe acrobat on a PC. It was created from an NX Assembly. The error reads:
“An error occurs and you PDF could not work properly Contact Tetra4D support to help us solve the problemUncaught TypeError: Cannot set the property ‘position’ of undefined”. This happens on both a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Tab S2. The sample files and other 3DPDFs I have created seem to work fine.

Any ideas?

Hi Frank,

Thank you for your post. I haven’t seen this error before. Can you please share the Enrich PDF with support@tetra4d.com and reference this post in your email? We will share our findings here in the community once we have reviewed your PDF.