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Missing items when reading .stp 3D

Hi, Our supplier has send the same tool design in multiple formats & items are missing from the design. We have tried the same file in different reader & it is complete. Just when we use Tetra4d do we lose the items. Any ideas what to do?

Hi Lee, check the import/read options for the file format you want to convert and adjust them to your needs. It may be possible that you do not import a feature because the import options are wrongly set.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. I am not trying to convert the file. I have a 3D tool design in .step from a supplier & when I open to review, the items are missing from the 3D. We open the same file in solid works & the items are there.

In such a case, I generally send my file to the Support for analysis…

How is the result? How to fix it? I have the same problem with you.