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How To Split a STP File

I used Tetra 4D Converter with a 30MB 3D PDF and obtained a 1.8GB STEP file that Solid Edge ST9 fails to open.

There is any way to instruct Tetra to split the original assembly in multiple STP files or a tool to split the STP file in sigle parts ??

I’m trying to use this tool without success

Thanks for your help

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Hi there,

This is a “common” issue with “existing” 3D PDF, that generally contains only Graphical information. So when you try to convert it to a “Geometrical format”, like STEP, it converts all the triangles to surfaces and the file size is huge at the end…

I faced to this issue this mistake when I started with Converter…You can “check this” following this process:

  1. Open the Model Tree
  2. Click on the Options icon
  3. Set Show Physical Properties
    Then click your part in the 3d Annotation --> In the Model Tree, last section, you will have now more info about the part…If the Property Node info is Geometry, you would be able to “export” your model to CAD format…IF there is nay other result (Faceted solid, Tessellation, or no info!!), it means that the Geometrical export will be not possible.

To “work” on original file and split it (but it will have no impact if your initial data are Geometrical), I am using Tetra4D Reviewer, the companion tool of Converter, that allows me to open the original file, clean it and export only some parts in STEP file…once again, of course if this is possible to do, that means get Geometrical info to export :wink:

Hope this will help you,


Thanks for your help

I don’t get ‘Show Physical Properties’ in options

I’m trying a partial export from Tetra4D Reviewer.


Sorry, my fault, you have to set this one, and not the “other” Options :wink:


Ok … I get this kind of properties


What type of export do you recomend ( for solid edge ST9 ) ?

Thank’s for your help


In your case, nothing to do :expressionless:…There is no Geometry in the 3D PDF, so you can’ export something that doesn’t exist :smiley: