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Retain layer structure converting 3d to pdf from Rhino

How can I retain the model tree/layer structure when I create a new 3d pdf from a Rhino file? The 3d file does have a model tree with layers, but they are all called “node” and the actual names of the layers from the Rhino file are buried 3 levels down sometimes. When I looked at tutorials on the website, the layers from other CAD software transport without problem. I would like to be able to do the same with Rhino files because they can have a lot of layers and it is not easy to change all the names manually.


Layer is not really easy to handle, as in the 3D PDF we manage Views more than this kind of elements…Maybe you can try this in Tetra4D Reviewer, in this product we have a Layer management…not sure if this will be supported, I don’t manage Rhino files…