3D Reviewer hangs for ever after opening a Solidworks 2022 assembly

Hi we are running Tetra 4D Reviewer 2023.0.1 on Windows 10 64 bit, when I open a Solidworks 2022 assembly, the 3D reviewer opens the assembly but after 3 to 4 mouse clicks it freezes with the message below for ever.
Does anyone encountered similar things?

Hi Thomas,

Are you running a very large file ? Do you know if the file is valid in SolidWorks ?

You should also verify that your hardware acceleration is turned on.

You may want to contact the Tetra Support with your file and license key so they can review it.

Thank you,
Tetra4D Community Team

Hi Tetra4D Support,
the Solidworks files were all valid in Solidworks. My Hardware acceleration is turned on.
It happened with large assemblies and smaller ones.
After killing the Tetra 4D process a few times, I recognized that my Material.ini was reset to the original state with three materials.
After that everything works again as intended. I have added my materials list again to the material.ini file.
Since that it works up to now - fingers crossed
Best Regards

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for letting us know, we take notes of this solution.
Maybe the material.ini was reset from the beginning, and the software was hanging on when researching missing materials.

Please keep us updated if this issue occurs again.

Best regards,
Tetra4D Community Team