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Does Tetra4D converter support dxf?

I installed the trial and tried to convert dxf to 3D PDF in Acrobat Pro 2017, but failed. There is a post similar to my question, and the answer was no. If we look at the version log at https://tetra4d.com/tetra-4d-converter/#converter-formats, Tetra4D converter supports 3D Autocad input. This becomes confusing to me. Any input is appreciated.

Hi there,

In fact, to convert a DXF with Tetra4D Converter, you must open a PDF document (could be a blank one), then use the Tetra4D Converter tool “Add 3D” to run the Converter tool. Otherwise, the std Adobe tool will be used…I was also confused, but they explained this to me at the support. Seems to be for the moment an Adobe limitation, they’re working on it…

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried the “Add 3D” or drag dxf into Acrobat, but I don’t see any 3D subject displayed. And only one time I can see 2D object displayed.

Hum, I hope I am not wrong, but if I remember correctyl, DXF can’t “carry” 3D info, only DWG can do this…No?

My trial expired. Can not try it out any more. Sigh.

Hum, that’s sad…But ou can contact their support, if you need an extension of your trial period…