New Tetra4D laptop recommended specs

I have noticed my laptop is getting slow especially when opening big files with Tetra4D, and working with it (thats a 2017 HP ZBook mobile workstation with an intel i7 6820HQ and an Nividia Quadro M1000M). I am thinking asking my company to purchase a new laptop workstation to improve my productivity. We usually receive big files (usually in the .STEP format, but they could also be files done with SolidWorks or Catia). I need sometimes to simplify them, sometimes remove parts, sometimes transform the 3D in 2D (do like top view to import in layouts, or side views etc. I also use Autocad, but I feel the laptop struggling with 3D drawings more than 2D .dwg. I live in the U.K. I was thinking of a 15 inches mobile workstation with a dedicated Nvidia RTX 1000 Ada Generation and a Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 155H or something around that. Budget probably around £2000 to £2500. As far as you can tell what is the most beneficial when working with Tetra4D, like for instance having a good videocard, processor, RAM etc. As far as Im aware Nvidia moved away from Quadro and now it`s Ada Lovelace for mobile workstation? It should be better to work rather than the RTX 4060 Mobile (which should be more for gaming I guess) for instance?
Many thanks in advance.